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Reaching Goals with a Stylish Smile

Most companies seeking Telemarketing and Call Center services are not happy with their current utility company´s Standard Operating Procedure. Sometimes it´s the result of an “unhappy environment” within their service providers´ working team, which translates into poor performance and failed goals. As with most problems, there´s always a practical solution: Calling the right people for the job.


Adaptation is the key to success in the 21st century. A company that´s versatile enough to conquer every challenge that presents itself along the way is a company destined for greatness. In the communications industry this is one of the most desirable qualities, and Power Plus USA is recognized precisely for that. Dedicated to deliver Business to Business Marketing and Telemarketing to its selected clientele, Power Plus USA treats every one of them with the same amount of attention and importance. A team of experts study each case to the very core, finding the right B2B solution for it.


If you and your company are interested in Power Plus USA´s services, you can visit their website at They are located in 4701 W Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL. 33614.


Interested in joining the company? Contact them directly via email: or by Telephone: +1 (813) 418 5266 | Fax: 845 694 5738